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I wrote this for Found Magazine in 2004 based on a playing card (two of diamonds) that was pictured in the first magazine with the name "Ingrid" scrawled across it. Recorded on my shitty (long dead) 4-track and punched up at Jim Roll's basement recording studio before he launched Backseat Recordings in Ann Arbor, this ramshackle number explores the possibility of why Ingrid would tag a playing card. I had totally forgotten about this song, but I just recently found (hah!) the 7" that Found Magazine put out with this on it and now I'm putting it out into the world again. If you want the 7", go here: store.quackmedia.com/found-magazine-limited-edition-7-vinyl/


Oh Ingrid, how long had you lain as just a tool to open doors? A bicycle, a two-wheeler, wearing your diamonds, wearing your red suit. Oh Ingrid, are all your cards marked? Are you the trick that climbed the black sleeve of a gambler lost in the shuffle of the house you couldn't keep composed?

What must the royalty think when they found you gone out flaunting your name? You destroyed the odds of a perfect game.

Oh ingrid, bereft of hearts, bereft of words or thoughts, where are you now and did you ever think your old memory would be tattooed in ink in a magazine found in the unsteady hands of a man who must bluff to speak your words and shape your sentence? Did you ever care, Ingrid?

What must the royalty think when they found you gone out flaunting your name?

And what must the jester say in the court of the king gleaning jokes from your name?

(The names chanted in the background are Davy, Jason, Sunny Turski, Julie, Aimee, Popcorn Pete, Jimmer, Bri Lil, Windboy, Superbear, Jorge, Carly, Liz, and Emily)


released September 4, 2014
Jim Roll: engineer, backing vocal
Timothy Monger: accordion
GDM: vocals, guitars, mandolin, cellos, drums, percussion



all rights reserved


Gregory Dean McIntosh Ypsilanti, Michigan

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